Graphical LCD Control Panel

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This control panel allows you to print and control your 3D printer without needing an attached computer. It also allows you to easily change configuration settings on the fly. This lets you adjust print speed, temperature, etc in the middle of a print without stopping. It makes fine tuning bridge settings a piece of cake. Another great benefit is you can start the print from your computer (using the SDprint function available in Pronterface) and the print will continue even when you turn the computer off or it your computer crashes .

The display is a blue backlit 128×64 pixel graphical LCD. The menu is navigated using a click encoder; simply spin it to scroll through the menu and click it to select. The panel also includes an SD card slot so you can add as much on-board storage as you need. A 4GB SD card is included with each board. The schematics are open source and are available at

Things that can be controlled from the panel include; print speed (from 10 to 999%), extruder and heated bed temperatures, preheat and cool down modes for PLA and ABS, manual axis movements, homing of axis, print from SD card, and much, much more.

This panel has been designed to interface with an Arduino connected to a RAMPS 1.4 board running the Marlin firmware. The RAMPS connectors is very easy to install and as long as your board has the pins already installed then there is no soldering required. If you do need to add the pins, a set is included and they are easy to install. The Marlin firmware must be properly configured to work with this board but all it takes is editing a couple lines in the firmware and you are ready to go.

The latest version of the firmware can be found here. In order to properly set it up, you need to edit one line in “configuration.h” Look for ““#define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER” and activate it by removing the “//” at the beginning of the line. You will also need to add the u8glib library to your Arduino libraries. The latest version is always available here.

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